Friday, 1 September 2017

Let the eat down begin

In a spirit of great enthusiasm I started September yesterday!

I decided to tackle the lentils first. I had a few salady bits and pieces  which needed eating up and I thought I could combine the two.

First I cooked the lentils.  I'd noticed when I was looking for lentil recipes that some lists of ingredients include dried lentils and some prefer cooked (or tinned) ones so I decided to cook 200 grams dried lentils and then weigh them again once cooked and drained.  The result was 498 grams of cooked lentils.  I now have the information to convert any quantity either way.  Cunning, I feel.  And now I've written it on this blog I have information I won't forget.  Doubly cunning.

I then peeled and deseeded a cucumber and chopped it, halved the cherry tomatoes and a couple of tomatoes which my neighbour grew, the tail end of a root of celery and a red onion and combine the lot in a bowl with some of the cooked lentils.  I made a balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing including a little garlic and poured that over.

Not the most exciting recipe I've ever made but it made a tasty lunch.  And it was a no spend day.


  1. I love looking up information on my blog.

  2. That sounds wonderful. Love no spend days and using up stuff that's sitting around the house. It's great when you throw something together and it's good.

  3. Also eating down the foodstuffs this month, in order to pay for needed home repairs. Your lunch sounds lovely. Not surprising that dried lentils equate double the amount in an average can/tin. The same is said of dried beans, for example.

  4. We had a lot of no spend days at home, though I had a spendy dinner on Tuesday when I had to work at the fair.