Saturday, 9 September 2017

Saturday night indulgence

It's hard to remember that many everyday foods today were luxuries in my childhood.  Pineapples were exotic and hardly known as a fresh fruit, chicken was definitely a treat and prawns were a once a year indulgence of a few ounces still with their shells on and eaten during the annual trip to the seaside.

My how things have changed!  Pineapple is available at a very reasonable price all year round and chicken is one of the cheapest meats.  And prawns, ah prawns are always in my freezer.

So tonight a few prawns came out of my freezer and got combined with rice, peas, sweetcorn and egg and I had a delicious egg fried rice.

And I still haven't spent any money on groceries this month


  1. I was about 25 when I tasted a fresh pineapple - although we’d had tinned at Christmas - chunks with cheese on a cocktail stick. Horrid! Chicken was only at Christmas too (very little meat during the year; things like mince, rabbit and liver though)

    I was about the same age when I tried prawn cocktail. First eaten at the Ideal Home Exhibition when you used to get lots of free tastings.

    As a child, on Sunday afternoons, the cockle man would come round the streets (and don't laugh; but also the muffin man!) Now and then my dad would go out and get a gill of shrimps, measured by a tiny jug. Dad, who had starved as a child, ate them whole and told me off when I pulled off the head, tail and legs along with the crackly skin!

    I’ve not been allowed any seafood for 14 years now and the only thing I miss is crab and even that had come out of a tin. Never had fresh.

    Wonder what today’s luxuries are? Sadly, many people would just like some ‘food’.

    1. I think that modern luxuries are home cooking - home made cakes and pies, cooked-from-scratch dishes.

      Yes, Christmas was definitely a time to be anticipated and savoured.

      I have to admit that I've never tried eating the whole prawn or shrimp. I think that the fact that we peeled them meant that it took a long time to eat the gill and the treat lasted longer.

      And no, we never had a muffin man. In fact I was an adult before I tried a muffin!