Sunday, 10 September 2017

Further in to the Savoy

That savoy cabbage isn't going to beat me!  I decided today that a little more would get used in some stuffed cabbage, a dish I'd never made.

Googling came up with quite a few recipes and they all had a lot of ingredients - and I mean a lot.  I decided to make it up as I go along.

So I sweated a finely diced small onion in some olive oil, added a little garlic, parsley. cumin and cayenne and when the onions were soft I added some frozen minced lamb.  I like frozen mince,  It's the same fat content as fresh mince, it's cheaper and as it's a free-flow product there is no waste.  I covered the pan and left it to cook slowly.  After about ten minutes I added some cooked rice and again left it to meditate.  

Meanwhile I took several large cabbage leaves and removed the bottom part of the central rib.  I boiled the leaves for about five minutes then removed them from the pan to drain.  Then I heaped each one with the mince mixture, folded them over tightly and put them in a dish,  I covered the whole lot with a tin of chopped tomatoes.

I cooked the whole lot at 170C for about an hour.  I left it uncovered as it looked very moist

It was delish and it's a one dish meal with protein, carb and veg all in the one dish.

I still haven't spent any money!


  1. You are doing well. I need to get rid of hubby then I wouldn't spend as much!

  2. Seemed to have missed the post when you decided to allocate a set amount of money for shopping. How much did you allocate and for how long? And don't the mince and tomatoes count as I assume you bought them sometime!

  3. Hi Mandy, yes this is an "eatdown" of the food stores, especially the freezer, The minced lamb and tinned tomatoes have been in the freezer and cupboard respectively for a while.

    1. Oh, forgot to say that the budget is £30 for the month.