Monday, 11 September 2017

I've spent some money!

Well, you know how it is!  The offer was too good to resist.  Amazon had six bags of my favourite coffee for £10.44.  The same thing from Tesco would cost £18 and that's on special anyway!  It would normally cost £3.59 for just one bag at Tesco so I was buying it only very occasionally.  I've recently been buying an acceptable coffee for about £2.20 a bag from Lidl so six bags there would have been £13.20 and I like this sort better.

I would need coffee in the next week or so anyway.  I get through a bag a week so even though this is "hoarding" in one sense, I am convincing myself that it is sensible shopping.  I have now reduced my available budget to £19.56 so maybe by the end of the month I may regret it.  We shall see.


  1. We always buy our brand of coffee when on special, when it comes to coffee and tea we always buy our brands we love, almost always on special. We would never pass a bargain on a brand we like, which means some weeks we overspend, but in the long term we save.

  2. It's a very sensible thing to do. You are getting a quality product that you love and prefer for a bargain price. I do it all the time stock pile things that we love at knock down prices.

  3. Six bags of Taylors coffee at that price! You couldn't miss it. And coffee keeps well.