Saturday, 2 September 2017


Once again I've been scrabbling in the fridge.  The most perishable food is there so it has to be the first area to be checked.

Living in a rural area I'm sometimes offered gifts of tomatoes at this time of the year and you won't be surprised that I never say no.  I turn some into sauces (for the freezer) and some into chutney but the rest are for eating raw or for cooking.   Very occasionally one or two get left for a little longer than is good for them and that had happened this week.  Two tomatoes were looking very sorry for themselves so I found a few friends for them: an onion, a courgette and some stock and voila!  delicious tomato and courgette soup.  Served with a chunk of home-made bread and it's a feast for a king.

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  1. looks good! I am getting better about using up food and less is finding its way into the bin --