Friday, 8 September 2017


Each year in the autumn I review my energy bills and each year I change tariff and usually change supplier as well.  I usually go for a "fix" i.e. my gas and electricity will be supplied at the same price all year no matter what the market price of fuel does.

Usually I sign up with one of the Big Six energy companies (British Gas, nPower, EDF, EOn, Scottish Power and SSE).  No matter which company you sign up with it's the same gas and electricity, it's just the billing which differs.  I always have on-line billing and pay by monthly Direct Debit as both these factors help in getting a good deal.  The market is now diversifying with lots of smaller companies entering the fray and last year I signed up with G B Energy who offered me a very attractive tariff.

Sadly it proved to be too good a deal and at the end of last year G B Energy went bust.  However, the regulator, Ofgem, stepped in which felt a bit scary but the instruction from Ofgem was, "Don't panic.  Sit tight.  You're not going to be cut off"  With a few days I was transferred to Co-op Energy and kept on the same tariff.  Ofgem and the energy industry often come in for a lot of criticism, including from me, but I was very impressed on that occasion.

That tariff is coming to an end in a couple of weeks so I had to go looking for a new one.  This time I have gone with a collective switch through the Money Saving Expert Cheap Energy Club.  Obviously I will be paying more than my last year tariff but I've got the best deal I could find.  

Sorry this post isn't in my usual light-hearted tone but I've still spent nowt on nosh and yesterday's menu was especially unexciting.


  1. We check each year as well, energy takes a huge chuck of our cash, we also check, car, house cats insurance each time they are due.

  2. It amazes me when people don't bother! It is no bother and it saves a mint!

  3. I am shocked at the number of people who pay the standard price instead of choosing a tariff (which is always cheaper than standard). Energy bills are rising again and in order to stay warm without robbing a bank, it is essential to check comparison sites regularly.

  4. Lots of people don't understand their bills because they can be complicated. So they have no idea what they're paying and are too embarrassed to ask for help. I have had a few people ask me how to read their meters and bills.

  5. Here we have no choice. There is only one energy company per area. You get what you get. Honestly right in town we have a local company which charges considerably less that the big guys who supply outside of our city and a few surrounding towns. I'm so thankful that we have the local company (again, no choice we just are lucky) but there has been lots of rumor that they'll be doing away with the local power plant. Noooo!!!! I am NOT looking forward to a huge energy bill spike :(
    I hope its a false rumor.

    1. We used to have no choice either but the system was shaken up about twenty years ago. At that time it was still difficult to swap but now it is easy-peasy but a lot of people still don't shop around. Anyone who is an active money-saver will do it at least annually.