Thursday, 14 September 2017

Have a cuppa

Despite having spent most of my working life in Christian ministry I have never been a "More tea, Vicar".  I loathe the stuff.  I used to tell my parishioners that I drink my coffee naked, which is not a pretty thought until you realise that it's the coffee which is naked i.e. black, no sugar.

Anyway, I digress.  Tea.  I never drink it but I am an Englishwoman so it's always in the house.  Except when I forget to buy any.  Because I need so little I don't buy any until just before I run out and then I buy a small pack of teabags.  This is a dangerous policy as sometimes I do run out and I find inability to offer tea to a guest to be embarrassing.

However, most hotels have a hospitality tray in the bedrooms and there are always teabags and sachets of instant coffee.  I therefore remove a few teabags each time I am away from home and keep these for "emergencies".

Yesterday I used the last regular teabag for a friend.  This is now an emergency as I don't want to spend any of my precious £19.56 on something I don't like.  So I searched out these.  Saved!


  1. Hahah! Very resourceful, Mary! I do drink tea on occasion and coffee rarely -- I try to stay undercaffeinated. Last night I took the notion to drink two cups of Tazo Wide Awake English Breakfast Tea. It lived up to it's name because I have been wide awake until breakfast. It is going to be a LONG day and I have already told my husband to not let me drink anymore tea --probably ever.

  2. I like tea and coffee at different times of the day.