Tuesday, 5 September 2017


I had rather a busy day yesterday and all I fancied was a bowl of soup.  Something made me look in the tinned goods cupboard rather than the freezer which was odd as I'm pretty sure I have soups in there.  (Yes, I know I need a new freezer inventory and once I have eaten some of the stuff in there I shall make one.  For the moment it's freezer diving.  OK?)

Anyway, there on the shelves was a tin of Lobster Bisque.  Yup, not your average can of mushroom or mixed veg but a rather expensive can which I have absolutely no memory of buying,  In fact I'm even wondering if it came in a hamper when I won a raffle.  

And it's "best by" date was June 2015.  Well, "best by" means "best by" in my book and this was not on the way to the bin any time soon.  When I opened it it looked fine and smelt fine.  And it tasted fine.  Very nice in fact, with a bread roll from the freezer.

And mentioning bread from the freezer, I've made another loaf to put in there.  Maybe that's why the freezer still bulges.

But my purse isn't getting any thinner either,


  1. I ignore dates on food too, a good sniff,careful look and well cooked are my rules. I started my freezer diving yesterday.

  2. I'm typically flexible with dates as well, although would have given pause to "expired" seafood. Seafood scares me from an illness perspective, but sounds like all was well! :-)

  3. I've had food poi from seafood so that would have been gone. Glad it went well. Cheryl

  4. Common sense rules here. After all, I grew up before dates on tins and learned that look, sniff and then taste works really well. Look forward to seeing you on the 22nd, it seems a long time since we all got together for a craft morning. Mx