Sunday, 17 September 2017

Spuds I like

Today I've been out at North Willingham, a village about five miles outside Market Rasen which is itself no metropolis but it counts as a town in these parts  as it has a population of almost 4000.  We have small towns, small supermarkets in these parts but sometimes there are wayside stalls when someone wants to sell their surplus stuff.

As I was on my way home I saw this box outside a cottage.  It is brilliant!  Someone has created a slope on the top of an old plastic box and attached a plastic bread tray with a hinge fixing.  Inside they have screwed a cash box firmly to one wall and the spuds are in plastic bags ready to be taken. 

The potatoes are Marfona which is a good bet for boiling, roasting and baking - a useful all rounder.  The sign says "10lbs for £1" which is a bargain.  When I got home I weighed and checked them,  I had got 11lbs for my £1.  Spuds with butter, spuds with cheese, spuds with beans.  Yummy!

I still have £16.76 in the kitty.  


  1. Wow wow wow, that's amazing. If only more people would do it. Our neighbours would rather let fruit rot on the tree than pick it and offer it to a others. But they are kind to us and let us have what we want, I've mentioned to them to put them outside to sell.

  2. Amazing! If people tried to do that here their whole set up would be gone in a flash. You did get a good deal though! God job you!

  3. That does sound like a good deal. I love potatoes, too.

  4. Just found you looking forward to reading your posts.

  5. It is nice to sell the excess produce in that way. You got a great deal!