Thursday, 31 August 2017

Get your act together!

It's a long time since I did an "eat down" of my stores and it's about time that I got my act together.  The freezer is bulging at the seams!  I've got plenty in the tinned and dry goods store.  And what is even more important is that my budget needs a helping hand.  I'm contributing to a (replacement) boundary fence this month and I'm having the hall and dining room decorated next month.   (Can't do it myself - disability and ladders just don't mix)

So, the food budget for September is £30.

Among my stores are a few ingredients which I rarely use.  I've got a Savoy cabbage and apart from steamed cabbage (with bubble and squeak next day) I haven't got a clue so I shall be trying new recipes there.  I've also unearthed a packet of green lentils which I have no recollection of buying and (as yet) no idea what I shall do with them.  Further finds will no doubt be made!

I started this blog three years ago as today with a similar project but have never had the need (or the courage!) to repeat.  It could be an interesting month.


  1. I cook up a batch of green lentils as they are high in protein then freeze in a tart tin so they are like in individual portions. Then I add them to red meat dishes. I've also made curried lentils.

  2. Green lentil soup would be nice. Or maybe stuffed cabbage leaves?

  3. I need to start working my way through the freezer too, there's always things in there that I'd forgotten I'd bought.

  4. We use raw cabbage in our salads for a change as it lasts forever in the fridge and adds spiciness (instead of lettuce, not like coleslaw)