Saturday, 5 August 2017

Talking down

I try very hard.  This week it feels like I've been batch cooking for Britain.  I'd been digging in the freezer and had found various meats (mince, chicken thighs, casserole beef and the like) and decided to be good and make things like moussaka, beef casserole, chicken thingies as well as some rather nice fish pies.  I've got a couple of meals a week for the next couple of months and I'm feeling a bit virtuous.

But tonight I didn't fancy moussaka, casserole, chicken thingy or fish pie.  To be honest what I really fancied was KFC.  I got as far as checking the menu on line.  But it's quite a long drive to KFC so I checked MacDonalds.  Not quite so far.  But either way the nutrition choice was rubbish.  Even MacDonalds is a nineteen mile round trip.  

So I did the best I could and made a very quick pasta dish.  Nutritionally rubbish still but I didn't have to waste petrol driving anywhere as everything was in the cupboard.  Just some pasta, a tin of salmon and a tin of soup.  

When it comes to frugality I am definitely frugally challenged, some times more than others.  Tonight I did my best and I don't think I did too badly.  I even nipped out to the garden to get a garnish.


  1. I nothing less this is an inspiring post. Frugally challenged isn't a suitable name for you my friend. "I even nipped out to the garden to get a garnish." Frugally fabulous!

  2. I think our frugal guts stand out when we most want to chuck it aside and spend, but in the end do not. As Rivulet sais, Frugally Fabulous!

  3. It looks yummy and you stuck the o being Frugal even when you really wanted something else. Love the plate so pretty.

  4. I often find myself not wanting the planned meal, sometimes I just man up and eat it but every now and then I do an "ifits" meal. If it's there and If I fancy it that's what I cook.