Monday, 9 March 2015

Tenner week

This week I am joining with Sam Sam at A New Frame of Reference who is doing a tenner week as suggested by Penny Golightly.  Penny's week was actually last week but neither Sam nor I could manage that so we've decided to have a go this week.

So, I've got a crisp tenner in my purse today.  And it's supposed to last all week.

I hit pretty lucky today.  I went to a women's group that I belong to and it would usually have  cost me £2 but I had offered to teach the other members how to make a tote bag so for me today was a freebie!  It feels good to offer one's time/skill/ideas instead of spending cash.  Morning out, no spend day!


  1. How lovely for you. Good luck with the challenge.

  2. Are we going to see a Tote bag tutorial on your blog too? Good luck with the challenge. Jx

    1. I'm trying to write a tutorial, Jan. The ladies didn't finish their bags (the usual thing - talking! - so I am writing the instructions for them and will adapt them for a blog post but probably my other blog.

  3. Terrific start. I packed my lunch and have three crisp $5 bills for US rate conversion, to last the week. Dinners are planned- might change up a bit though.