Thursday, 12 March 2015

Day 4

This can't last.  My £10 is still intact within the rules of Penny Golightly.  I've bought no food nor done any personal shopping, I've not paid to go out.  I've spent nothing on hobbies, clothes or any similar goodies.

I've had to have my sewing machine serviced but that's household maintenance and apart from that I have spent nothing.

In fact although this started on Monday so I've done only four days of the challenge so far, I spent nothing on the preceding Friday, Saturday or Sunday. My direct debits have been leaving my account but that's it.

I went out today but didn't have lunch out.

This can't last.


  1. Love the self portrait. Continue the good work

  2. I'm doing well keeping the money in my purse, but this week was loaded with unforeseen challenges for the household. I feel like I may have mocked fate and being reprimanded with a swift kick in the backside. Well done to you though!