Saturday, 21 March 2015

Going to Brownies

No, not me!  I'm a little long in the tooth for Brownies!

I've sorted out some rubber stamps which I'm hoping they will like.

Which has freed this gorgeous bucket for something else.

I never knew plastic buckets could be this pretty
What else will I find in the Room of Doom?


  1. Yes, I have a room of doom as well. I call it the guest room. It is actually where I keep all my craft stuff and not very efficiently, I might add. Every time I tackle this doomy room I am shocked to see all the accumulated craft items -- many of them duplicates. The troubling thing is that most of the time I don't remember buying this stuff! I make myself sound like a senile old crone but that can't be -- I can remember all the words to all the Beatle songs and I still feel about 17 -- I think I just have a shopping problem! Yikes! I like your bucket! Oh, and the mailman finally decided to take your letter so it should be there soon.

  2. Indeed a very pretty bucket, loving the flowers!

  3. I'm sure the Brownies will make good use of them. Love the bucket.

  4. It's great that your stamps are going to a good home. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens to the bucket next! Jx