Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Ins and Outs

Outs first.  I took six black bags to the Sally Ann yesterday.  A carrier bag of audiobooks actually left the premises.  My rubbish and recycling bins are much plumper than they were.   I feel so virtuous.

And virtue is rewarded.  I found this Christmas present which I had hunted high and low for.  The "ins" will be the plants which I am planning on buying very soon!

Just occasionally virtue is rewarded.

Or it may be that I am only occasionally virtuous. 


  1. I wish I could tidy up and find vouchers! Have fun choosing

  2. Good and virtuous work in your room of doom. Finding gift cards are like a new gift.

  3. Decluttering is amazingly satisfying isn't it, I've been doing a bit lately and each bag that leaves the premises makes me happy.

  4. The room of doom must be looking a lot better and less scary. Well done on tackling the problem. Enjoy your vouchers. My thoughts are turning to the garden and treating myself to some new plants. But I have to create the flower bed first. The reward for my hard work.

  5. I wish i could find something of that sort (or money tucked away), but lol i don't hide those kind of stuff...