Sunday, 15 March 2015

I blew it!

The whole tenner is no more!  Well, it is but the moths were disturbed from my purse and the tenner is now in the care of Mr Tesco along with a further two pounds.

The reason?  Today is Mothering Sunday and I wanted flowers to take to church today.  These will be given to everyone in church this morning (see for why this is so important to me).  Last night I succumbed, fetched these roses and made them into posies.

So I didn't make it through tenner week.  And I really don't mind.


  1. At least these are beautiful :) and everyone will get to have it!

  2. What a lovely sentiment. The flowers are lovely x

  3. Where I come from that'd be considered a work expense and it would not be taken out of your Tenner. Isn't your week up anyhow?
    You did fabulous with your Tenner week!

  4. The week ends today. I've done this for years and its PERSONAL. It's the day when I acknowledge the love and care the congregation gives me. But it would be a nice cheat.

    1. Call me a rebel, but I'm never reluctant to find a good cheat :)
      I know what you're saying though.