Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Things I am glad about.

I’m glad I did a tenner week.

I’m glad I paid for my garden needs by using Tesco vouchers.

I’m glad I earn about £60 a month doing market research surveys.

I’m glad I’ve (almost) trained myself not to have a coffee every time I go out.

I’m glad I shop around for energy, insurance, broadband etc.

I’m glad I take the trouble to shop for clothes on eBay and to mend the things I have.

Why all this gladness?

Because the £170 needed to repair my trundle truck and buy two new batteries for it won’t cause me a sleepless night and tomorrow I will have my freedom back.

That’s worth a bit of effort.


  1. Thats the whole point of being frugal you get to spend the money on what matter to you. I'm glad you've got your freedom back.

  2. YAY for the trundle truck back AND what a great perspective on the whole ordeal. The reality that you've really saved a good deal of money by living more frugally than some; great perspective!

  3. Well done, Mary! I am so glad your scooter (what we call them here) is going to be back in service. Those are all good habits to have even without an emergency to eat up funds!

    1. They're called mobility scooters here, actually, Melissa. Trundle truck is just my name for it = ot seems to suit the both of us!

  4. Did you see Penny has another tenner week coming up? I won't be joining but think I'll check out her daily challenges for ideas. Well done by the way. I'm trying to figure ways to save up without dipping in the budget for s new slow cooker. You refreshed my thinking.

    1. Hi Sam, yes I saw that and like you I won't be doing it. I'm really concentrating on my spending diary this month and that's enough. I thought the activities sounded a bit more relevant this time so I may look at them but life has suddenly become rather busy.

      Slow cookers are WONDERFUL! I think they save money once you've got one. I've had them for years. My first two were both gifts and died a few years ago. I then had a very expensive Crock-pot which was a waste of money and I've now got a cheap own label one which was £12 and I paid for it with loyalty vouchers so it was definitely a good deal!