Friday, 3 April 2015

Oh dear, mark 2

Wrecking the shredder was not good.
My trundle truck in happier times

A flat tyre on my mobility scooter is even worse.

Apart from the fact that it will doubtless be expensive to repair, I am stuck without it.

Definitely Oh Dear.


  1. I hope your scooter wheel is an easy fix, but sorry for how inconvenient it will be in the mean time.

    1. I can't get it done until the middle of next week as the dealer has closed down for Easter. I Am Not A Happy Bunny.

      Anyway, I shall stay at home and bake a zillion cakes for Auntie Hettie's birthday. See

  2. Oh dear. Do you have to go to a specialist repairer? Would a garage be cheaper? I had a new tyre this week and I probably need another in June.

  3. The wheels are so small that I don't think a garage would do it. I've decided to bite the bullet and have it serviced/replace the batteries whilst it is there, but thanks for the suggestion. I've had it five years and I'm still using the original batteries but have become aware that the charge isn't lasting as long as before

  4. Oh no!
    : (

    I'm terribly sorry to hear this! I do hope baking all the cakes will be a nice silver lining though.

  5. Oh dear! Hope you will manage without it, at least when ut comes back it will be as good as new. Cake baking sounds a great idea x

  6. Oh no, what a time for it to occur-I do hope it can be fixed with less expense than you expect.x

  7. Oh no! I am so sorry! Hopefully it can be repaired in a timely manner at a reasonable cost and that you don't have to be without too long. Praying about it now!