Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Ten on a Tuesday

This can't go on!  The stuff today isn't from the Room of Doom but from my kitchen.  

I decided that any bake-ware which wasn't used for the mammoth baking sessions prior to Hettie's party wasn't going to get used.  Here's my ten items for Tuesday.

Most of it is silicon bake-ware which I've decided I don't like but I added a plastic funnel (I've got another one) and a small basin (I've got more than another one).  
Tomorrow could be the best day of them all.  It's WOW!  (Wimp Out Wednesday.)


  1. I don't like silicon bakeware either. I had a couple of pieces but they didn't last long in my small kitchen. I even tried some expensive pottery type bakeware and I don't like it either. I really prefer the plain old aluminum stuff and that is what I have. I will never be a sophisticated cook!

  2. Will It Go Wednesday ?

    Tricky Decisions to be kept for that day ?

    HA I'll be running your blog soon enough :D


    1. Mercy! No, Wednesday is definitely planned for a wimp out! (But if you fancy running the blog you could do a Wonderful Wednesday yourself! ;)

  3. While the weather is good I shall be 'wimping out' too !

    Enjoy Yours !