Saturday, 18 April 2015

Six on a Saturday

It's no good.  I can't just flop around feeling lazy any longer.

Ever felt like that?  Today is the day when I realised that I Have To Take Myself In Hand.

So I decided that I would just find six things to get rid of on a Saturday.  And here are the six things I found..

The only thing not brand new is the book "Spendsmart" by Jay Hunt and Benjamin Fry.  I read it but obviously not well enough as two things, the sandcastle cake mould and the proggy rug kit, were bought by me and never used.  The toiletries gift box, the picture frame and the Cadbury's Roses jigsaw puzzle are all unwanted gifts.  

I hope Sally Ann can make use of them all.


  1. Six things on a Saturday? That sounds like a challenge!

  2. Can I join the challenge only, I'd have to get rid of six things on Sunday. Saturday is just about over and I am spent!