Friday, 24 April 2015

Fourteen on a Friday

The final haul for this series.  Ten books, four audiobooks.  The books are for Sally Ann, the audiobooks for the residential home.

This has been a really good exercise, just promising myself that I will find a set number of items to be given away. ( Flylady does something similar with her 27 Fling Boogie.)  Some days I felt quite desperate to find the final couple of items but I know full well that I could find many, many more.

However, it is a bit of a distraction from my main decluttering project - The Room of Doom.  Some things are from that place of horror but some are not.  I know that I need to get back to an item-by-item consideration of everything in there.

So, Monday starts a whole new dig in there.  I wonder what else I will find?


  1. I remember doing the 27 Fling Boogie! Fly Lady was all the rage for awhile. I liked the part about getting up and getting dressed to your shoes before starting anything and going to bed with a clean kitchen sink. Some of the organization didn't make sense to me but I remember doing those things -- I need to have fling boogie myself!

  2. You are doing so well in your clearance. Setting yourself targets is a very positive way. My granny was a great believer in "bottoming out" a room. Which meant taking out the spare stuff out (if it did not belong or have a proper place in that room) and thoroughly cleaning everything. When I do it I put everything on the dinning room table to sort before the next meal. Usually 80% does have a home somewhere else in the house, and for some reason 10% always turns out to be real rubbish that should have been in the bin in the first place. That leaves 10% to be thought about and is less frightening than a whole room looking packed.