Friday, 27 February 2015

My, how I’ve changed.

About once every six weeks I go into Grimsby, my nearest shopping centre, to get various bits and pieces.  It’s a bit of a ritual.  I always park in the same place, go to the same few shops and finish the expedition with a cuppa and a “little something”.  Today was the day.  I had a few things to be done, I had a brief wander around the shops and the time came for the visit to my favourite coffee shop.  Only I didn’t go to said coffee shop.  Instead I came home.  I decided I didn’t need the coffee.

And as I drove home I thought about it.  A coffee out every six weeks or so when I go to Grimsby is well within my budget.  Even with a snack it is only £5-£6 so it is well within my budget.  But today I decided to let the moths start their nesting time in my purse a little bit early.  No big deal.

But it’s one of many “no big deals”.  My retirement income is far less than it was whilst I was still working and yet I seem to have more money. 

I now check the electricity and gas meters at least monthly and check the tariffs almost as often.  No big deal.

I shop from home and plan all my purchases as well as saving petrol money.  No big deal.

I make Christmas and birthday cards as well as jams and pickles to use as anytime gifts.  No big deal.

I grow some fruit and vegetables; I grow some flowers from seed.  No big deal.

I earn a little extra by doing on line surveys.  It’s only a couple of quid a week so it’s no big deal.

I could go on and on – and nothing I could mention would in itself be major.  Just little things like using the phone at the cheapest times, or being careful with water.

The only major change really has been my attitude.  And that’s the biggest and the hardest change to make.


  1. however, all those little things add up to big savings over time!!!

  2. Love the post. Its so true, all those small tweaks we make to our every day living have a snowball effect. But you do need rewards too. I look at it like this way, my everyday savings allow me to spend more money on the things I really want to.

    1. Absolutely right. I've got enough for all my needs and for quite a few wants. The small tweaks mean I can have a few more wants and fulfil have my need for a good night's worry-free sleep.

  3. I have been a stay-at-home mom since 1979 so we lived on my husband's income and I budgeted. He retired three years ago and now I find I am doing many more things to save money and it is not only more economical, it is a lot of fun to learn new skills, brush up on old skills, just become more aware of what we are doing. I wish I had done more of it when we were younger. I am finding "needs" to be much different than "wants".

  4. So agree! Attitude is the hardest, hardest, part to change! Ever!