Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Yes, I am still alive!

I know, I know.  It's ages since I posted on this blog and I will slap my own wrists for being a naughty girl.

The trouble is (and if you've got a blog you will understand) sometimes what happens hardly seems writing about.  I sorted a wardrobe and I've got a bag ready for the Sally Ann. 

I sorted the cleaning materials reserve cupboard - yes, I've got a cupboard (actually two cupboards) full of hoarded cleaning stuff) and I made an inventory of the contents to try and stop myself buying any more.  Does anybody else look at something (eg dishwasher rinse aid) and think more is needed only to open the cupboard to put it way and find five more bottles?  No?  That'll just be me then.

I'm brilliant at putting food into the freezer rather than wasting it.  And that's as far as it goes.  I bulk cook, buy packs and split them into sensible sizes of stuff for the single woman, and the result is a very full freezer.  I sorted it today.  Another inventory.

The spirit is willing but the organisational skills are weak.  I think Sally Ann loves me though.


  1. Good to hear what has been going on in your world. January was a horrendously expensive month, so we are going to eat down the pantry-the stuff we don't like even, use up all the miscellaneous cleaning and personal items hiding in nooks and cranny's, and see where the organizational spirit might take me. March seems like a good month for a fresh start.

  2. Yes I am a "just pop it in the freezer, it will come in for the weekend" person who then can't find any space and that cooked cabbage has to be thrown away.
    My inventory includes a lot of tinned food.......just in case it snows, or there is a major emergency or maybe the shops won't open!!!! All my mums fault who believed a good store cupboard was essential for the efficient housewife.

  3. I have a close friend who has a cleaning cupboard that would rival any household section in a supermarket. One day when I was at hers she asked me to pass her some floor cleaner. I was still trying to decide which product she meant half an hour later(LOL). She had one for every thing! Too confusing for me. I hoard toothpaste and shampoo.

  4. I wonder if we are related -- we seem to be alot alike. Yes, I buy duplicate things all the time -- dishwasher detergent comes to mind. It doesn't usually bother me because it will get used eventually but every now and then I come across something that I have absolutely no memory of buying -- at all -- and that is disturbing. I do like to freeze things but then I forget they are there and, if it looks like leftovers, the Hubs won't eat it. So, I am trying to master the art of cooking for two people and not having leftovers at all. I am not good at organizing at all -- my strongest organizational skill is just throwing stuff away. I am going to read a book about tidying up -- I will let you know if I learn anything worth sharing. Hopefully there will be resources for good housekeepers! Hahaha!