Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Break - but not the budget!

Next week I’m having a couple of days away.  One of my cousins (Ruth) is going to live in France and I won’t be able to visit her there, and I also want to visit Alice, an old school friend.  I’ve got a couple of short visits which I can combine with this trip so it seems sensible to create a mini break.

What I don’t want it to do is break my budget!  That means that it has to be planned carefully to allow myself treats but not to find myself forced into spending unnecessarily.

Accommodation-wise the cheapest thing obviously would be to stay with Ruth but I don’t want to do that as she is well on with packing her home and I would be a bother.  I’m a great fan of Travelodge.  Luxurious it ain’t, but it’s cheap, clean and has everything I need so a couple of weeks ago I booked a night between where Ruth and Alice live.  I booked using Saver Deal.  It was only a couple of days ago that I decided that I need an extra night (too late for a Travelodge deal) so I used Trivago and found a good deal with Days Inn.  So that’s accommodation sorted.  Sadly I can’t use Bed and Breakfast places unless personally recommended as disability means I need specific things.

I insure my car for up to 10.000 miles p.a. so that’s about 800 a month.  I’m nearly 800 miles in hand (my year runs July-June) and I’ve got 8p per litre off  petrol using the Tesco Clubcard fuel deal so that’s transport sorted. 

Now to find what else I can get on a low budget!


  1. That's really savvy budgeting. Its great when you can get the same for less. Enjoy your break.

  2. It's great to have plans for a change in routine - have a lovely time! Jx