Monday, 23 February 2015

It's how you look at it

Yesterday I had a little smile at a comment Rivulet wrote on my post “It’s tradition, Jim, but not as we know it”.  She’d had a go at making Bubble and Squeak but her husband wouldn’t believe that it was a real name for a meal.  

It got me thinking though.  Bubble and Squeak IS a cool name for a dish, just as she said.  It sounds much more exciting than Refried Leftovers.  Refried Leftovers sounds like a dreary, penny pinching dish. Bubble and Squeak sounds fun.  It’s how you look at it. 

Having lots of bottles marked Basics or Everyday Value doesn’t make a bathroom look like a sanctuary for pampering but decant the products into plain white dispenser bottles with smart labels makes my bathroom into a place of personalised luxury.  It’s how you look at it.

Calling my needle case a hand-me-down would make it a dull, functional item but say it’s a family heirloom makes it into something to be treasured.  It’s how you look at it.

That seems to me to be the way to pursue joyful frugality.


  1. Hmmm, now what should I call my fridge bottom end of week meals. I know, Remains of the week or perhaps not, maybe Pam's Experimental Recipes.

  2. I love Bubble and Squeak but I can't get my husband to 'share the vibe'. A shame really.... Jx