Thursday, 26 February 2015

Getting ready to go

A short break means a small bag – or that’s the theory.  Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen in practice.  I’ve never managed it myself but this time I’m going to try extra hard.

I’m only going to be away for two nights and the pattern of my holiday means that both nights are likely to be spent in rather dreary hotel rooms but at least that means I don’t have to dress for dinner.  One skirt, one jacket and one pair of shoes should last three days but I shall need to pack a couple of tops plus undies.  I keep undies until they are almost on their last legs then take them on holiday and abandon them.  Budget hotels tend not to have free toiletries in the room but I have saved small bottles over the years and I decant small quantities of shampoo etc and take the almost empty tube of toothpaste.  I shall take my current knitting and a Sudoku book and that plus my pooter should provide entertainment.  I also pack a knife, fork and plate so I can buy supermarket food rather than have to eat out and I take my favourite coffee and a reusable filter.  The other main thing I need is the charger for my trundle truck.

What else have I forgotten?  (That's right - a nightie!)


  1. Have a lovely break, we're huge fans of Travel lodge too, Im hoping for a saver deal for the end of the month to go and see my son in Devon :-)