Monday, 29 June 2015

Half way through 2015

Way back at the end of the December I decided that  I would look at the messy places in my house  and say goodbye to as many of them as I could.  

I actually said one place a day but that soon went by the board and in many ways I am more pleased with the way that I have gone.  You see, I think that what has been happening is that my house has been losing weight.  If I had set out to lose weight from my body I would have fallen off the wagon and not got back on, but with my house I have repeatedly taken myself in hand and got back to the job and refused to be discouraged.

Instead I have set to with a will and the Room of Doom is well on the way to be the playroom of my dreams.  I can walk in and out without endangering myself and I can sit at the desk knowing that I can actually use it.  I am not kidding myself that I have thoroughly decluttered (I've got a splendid storage unit which hides a multitude of sins) but I can continue with the process of sorting and slinging far more easily.

The kitchen too has profited from the extra attention and I have been able to undertake the major project of doing a lot of the cooking for a party to which 150 people were invited. However, the jam jar mountain still needs sorting.   I have sorted the dining room/sewing room/spare bedroom to the extent that I can swap it around within a day but the size of the fabric stash is still shameful.

There is still a very long way to go (and the garage won't even get started until 2016) but I know that if I achieve as much in the next six months as I have in the first half of the year I shall have cause to be proud.


  1. I'll use uour wird-persevere. It sounds like successful progress.

  2. Well done! I have been following suit to a lesser degree. However, I will say that there is great joy in opening a drawer that is completely empty. Now, I only have one of those, mind you, but when I get discouraged I open it and feel better!

  3. I think you've done amazingly well. However, even if we got rid of half of our possessions our rooms are so small that bruises are the order of the day as we turn sideways to avoid bumping into furniture. Our row of tiny terraced houses used to house large families - but they didn't just have few possessions; they had little furniture either.

    Only one stair lift company could install a stair lift for us due to the steepness and narrowness of our stair - not a suitable property for those with disabilities I fear!