Monday, 1 June 2015

Oh yum!

I've decided to try and eat some of my stores this month to minimise the grocery bill.  This is no hardship as I tend to squirrel favourites in the freezer.  

I thought I had two bags of fish pie mix in the freezer.  I was wrong.  I had three bags - that's half as much yumminess again!  A ferret around in the store cupboard found various packet sauces - parsley, butter, something-or-other-from-Ikea so with a carton of UHT milk and a large bag of spuds I was on my way to one of my favourite dishes, fish pie.

Somehow in my mind dishes like fish pies are winter delights.  They are warming, comfort food for a cold day.  Summer is for salads, fresh fruit and the like.  Experience however tells me that after a while salad looks like rabbit food and I will long for something different.  But cooking is no fun in the summer.  The kitchen gets hot, flies want to share in the fun, and all I want to do is flop.  This means that having things like fish pie in the freezer is A Good Idea.

I made seven fish pies, each enough for one person.  So my Good Idea for today is to reduce that number to six.  Oh yum!

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  1. Mark and I had chilli for tea tonight..... it may be June but the winter comfort foods just hit the spot! Jx