Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Struggle Goes on!

As someone commented last week, I am now down to the nitty-gritty!  I've got the house basically into order - well, I'm not likely to fall over something and break my neck.  That comment is not made lightly by the way: a few months ago I fell over and had to crawl to the 'phone to summon help.

However, having achieved that basic standard of safety I want to get back to looking at the messy places to which I've blinded myself.  And the first of those has to be the trolley.  See what I mean?  

Although I have photographed it in the hallway it normally lives in the sitting room next to my chair and it's the place where remote controls, newspapers, coke cans, stationery and everything else compete with sewing stuff, the Kindle, computer-bits-and-pieces and card making paraphernalia.

So today I tackled it.  And here is the result.  


  1. well done! And yes, please be safe! I used to chuckle at older folks talking about being afraid of falling -- well, here I am acutely aware of the fear of falling so please keep things safe around you.

  2. Oh, I do empathise about needing assistance to get up off the floor. On the occasions it has happened to our son we have to call an ambulance crew in, but even I can't get up unaided. The times my husband has told me to wait if I want something down, I can't wait; struggle onto my knees - it's just as we'll you can't see the palava to get me back up!

    Trolleys are so handy. We have a small Ikea trolley on on our landing. It contains bags of emergency drugs and up to date hospital letters plus brief medical histories listing allergies etc. plus small basic hospital needs - toiletries etc.

    Handy... But I do hate it being there. It is so easy to stick a pile of towels on it or other things that really should go straight away. Funnily enough I sorted ours at the weekend - so now we both have neat and tidy trolleys!

  3. It makes me feel good when I do a job I've been putting off. Well done.

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