Sunday, 28 June 2015

Oh FC, what big stores you’ve got!

Way back in January I decided that I wanted to end 2015 with fewer messy places than I started it.   In most places that involved giving stuff away or, if necessary, slinging it.  Yesterday I neither gave nor slung. I just made a place less messy and resolved to get rid of stuff gradually - by eating it!

As you may have noticed I don’t just stick to one room at a time as I declutter.  Oh no!  The Room of Doom had a lot of attention but now I have diversified my efforts.  I’ve been “spring” cleaning the kitchen cupboards little by little.  I can’t stand on steps to wipe shelves and check for lurking naughtiness so I just do a cupboard each time I have someone visiting who is happy to help.  I’ve done the cupboards containing china and chutney, cleaning products and cookware so now I need to look at the tinned goods store.

Once again I forgot to photograph before I started but here is the result of two shelves of my labours, just the two with tinned food.  

  Oh FC, what big food stores you’ve got!

Item                                                          Size in grammes           Quantity
Salmon                                                    170                                     4
Tuna                                                         160                                     4
Sweetcorn                                             160                                     6
Salmon                                                    418                                     1
Lasagna white sauce                          465                                     1
Sardines in brine                                  120                                     1
Corned beef                                          340                                     1
Chick peas                                              210                                     3
Red kidney beans                               240                                     1
Chopped timatoes                              400                                     6
Baked beans                                         220                                     8
Mushrooms                                           285                                     11
Carrot and coriander soup                                                           1
Chicken noodle soup                                                                     1
Lobster bisque                                                                                 1
Beef consomme                                                                              1
Minestrone                                                                                       1
Cream of mushroom                                                                     5
Mushy peas                                           300                                     1
Pineapple slices                                   140                                     3
Pineapple chunks                                140                                     3
Sliced peaches                                      410                                     5
Apricot halves                                       410                                     1
Mandarin segments                           298                                     3

Coconut milk                                         400                                     2

I hoped that printing it small would make it look less.  It doesn't.


  1. Your clearing is going well. Is that really 11 tins of mushrooms? What are they like as I've never eaten them?

    1. I was really doubtful about tinned mushrooms until I tried them. I don't think I'd want them as part of my Full English but as part of a casserole or spag bol or whatever they are fine. I keep them in to add to condensed cream of mushroom for a quick pasta sauce as well. I just get Tesco Everyday Value.

  2. Too funny on the small print. That doesn't work for me to make my weight seem smaller. Are you figuring dates so the wE
    early stuff is eaten first or are you going to just resolve to eat down until near empty?

    1. I've checked that the "best by" dates aren't too short and I shall just get munching.

  3. I was dubious about tinned mushrooms but as you say they are a handy stock item for pasta and soups etc. Great store cupboard.

  4. Your pantry looks lovely -- you are putting me to shame although I did tidy up and toss a few weeks ago -- what a difference it makes. I have always eaten canned/jarred mushrooms in things. My mother used to buy a brand called B&B broiled in butter -- they were so delicious and she would top a broiled steak with them. I now buy fresh for salads and such but always always have a couple of jars on hand. I like to put them in the crock pot with roasts and pork chops.