Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Unexplored territory

Way back at the beginning of January I was inspired to try and find less cluttered places in my home.  My search for these wonderful oases has taken me through drawers, cupboards and indeed whole rooms as I have slunk along the seemingly endless trail of my wastefulness and lack of self discipline.

Today took this quest to somewhere completely new, somewhere I had not previously found it necessary to explore.  In the cupboard above my bed there were just two boxes. They were doing no harm to anyone, they just sat inoffensive and out of the way.  There was no need to disturb them.

No need, that is, until I decided I needed that space to store the spare bedding.  So down the boxes came.  

Then, being a brave woman I tipped out the contents of one box.

Oh, what a graveyard of unfinished projects, unrealised dreams was there!  The trousers I started at night school around twenty years ago were mixed with a cotton crochet project of the same era.  Small pieces of fabric and a multitude of threads, craft kits and haberdashery created a picture of one period of my life.

Part of my brain said, "Come on FC, you haven't even looked in this box for six years, just ditch the lot" but the stubborn side of my nature wouldn't allow that.

And so I went through the whole lot and the result was a large black bag for the bin and this little array of survivors.  There's interfacing, lace, ribbon and a couple of patterns.  There's a copy of Woman's Weekly (price 34p) dating back to May 1989 and five craft kits.

The kits will go to Sally Ann, the patterns, lace, interfacing and ribbon will go to my stash and the Woman's Weekly has a one night reprieve so I can read it before it goes out.  As I look at this sorry array I have decided that the threads can go out!

And the pay off?  The cupboard they were in houses two pillows and two duvets very neatly.


  1. Some people would sell the Womans Weekly as ' vintage'! even though it was only 5 minutes ago!
    You are really getting down to the nitty gritty now. Is the room of doom finished?

  2. Well done! I hope I am that brave when I finally get to the decluttering. Give me a shout when your package arrives-I had a bit of a delay but should be well on it's way.

  3. Well done! I am following in your sensible footsteps and gradually de cluttering. I've found that as the bits go they take the guilt with them. The guilt I feel for both wasting money and keeping too many 'things'

  4. I'm amazed how much decluttering and owning less has done for my well being, it's not to be under estimated xx