Saturday, 4 July 2015

Facing the obvious

I can no longer avoid it.  I keep looking at that amazing tinned goods list and I know I have to reduce the food stores.  There's nothing there that I regret buying but there's just too much of it.  The freezer is well stocked with goodies, the garden is about to come into its own and I should be able to manage on a limited budget.  So, for the next four weeks my total food budget is going to be £28, i.e. a pound a day.

My first area to address has to be the fridge as that is where the most perishable food is kept.  I can't do weekly menu plans - well, I can but I can't stick to them.  It will have to be one day at a time.

So Sunday morning breakfast will be breakfast biscuits which is my usual Sunday morning thing.  For lunch I've found a lamb chop which I shall have with salad and new potatoes.  Evening I think may be a sarnie, cheese and pickle probably.  


  1. I can't stick to the meal planning either. In fact, I am not very successful at doing it at all! I sit down to put pen to paper and I can't think of anything to eat so.....I just like to buy what I know we will eat and then put it together day by day. I really don't like going shopping but I also don't like having a lot here that either gets lost in the fridge or I forget about in the freezer. Food prep has always been an issue in this house and after 43 years I still haven't come up with a plan.

  2. I think I love meal planning for my family because it is aided by my mild case of OCD. I keep a list of my freezer contents and plan my meals before I go shopping. I have an ongoing shopping list during the week for the odds and ends you need, like tomato paste and honey for helping with yummy sauces. I also bake lasagne and cottage pie with at least two portions for the freezer. I have been known to write on my calendar the date that my pot of quark runs out, too. Some people may think me a little sad but my life is a lot easier when I plan things that need planning. My blog, if you are interested, touches on this subject as well as other ramblings. Maybe take a look if you have time - I think you will have to put this in your browser.