Wednesday, 29 July 2015

It has to be done

It's a fortnight since I wrote a decluttering post and I can't duck out of it any longer.  

If you read my other blog you will have read that I’ve joined a Santa Sack Swap and I’ve got to get crafting!  The problem is the same as it always is for me – I can’t get myself organise to do any crafting because there’s such a mess!

This particular mess is in my sewing room.  Well, I say my sewing room but like most people I have to use the room which is used for sewing for other things as well. In my case I use the same room as my dining room and my spare bed room and when it is needed for either of those purposes I have to pack things into boxes and shift the sewing stuff into my own bedroom.  And then shift them back.  And they are always in a mess.  And I can’t find anything.

I’m incredibly envious of Pam who looks to have a beautifully organised sewing room and mine will never be like that but I am sure I could make mine better than it is.


We shall see!


  1. My room has been just like yours, more than a few times. I always intended to sort it out and the time was right. I shuffled things around that I had in the house, the only new item was the cupboard from Maggie and that stood in the hall, partly blocking the front door for 2 weeks before inspiration kicked me up the bum. I will probably fine tune over the next few weeks but for now I am, really happy with it.

    1. So you should be happy with it! It looks fantastic - you should be proud as well as happy!

  2. My third bedroom us going to have to be multi purpose. Bedroom craft room and storeroom. I won't be tackling it till next year.

  3. PS I'll be looking to you for inspiration. Love the cupboard Pam has in her craft room.

  4. I think most everybody is in the same boat if they do any hobbying. My sewing machine is sitting in the middle of my other bedroom. I can roll it into the closet but I really don't get on well with all the putting up and taking out -- I like to have things out where I can see them or I forget about them. So, yes, I have been where you are and, for the most part in regards to sewing, I still am. Let's face it -- most hobbies are just messy and most people don't have the space to dedicate an entire room. Just do the best you can and know you aren't alone!!!!