Monday, 13 July 2015

It can't be bad!

I'm continuing to live on what I've got rather than go out and buy even more food.  That sentence sounds really depressing but the truth is anything but depressing.

My freezer has some amazing things in it!  There are the ordinary things which I have batch-cooked and frozen like sausage casseroles and fish pies.  There are things which I have deliberately bought in large quantities like frozen peas and burger buns.  But there are also the treats which I have bought when they were available at a good price like my favourite beefburgers on offer at 50p instead of £1 or a pack of smoked salmon found on the RFQS  shelf and squirrelled away to be a "special something" when something special is needed.

Today I have had a really tasty lamb steak, bought at Farmers' Market a couple of months ago.  Lam is definitely A Treat but it wouldn't have been so much of a treat of I had left it in the freezer too long.

Update on the budget. Last Thursday I had £1.98.  Four more days have added four more pounds so I've now got £5.98.

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  1. I'm doing something similar. I need space in the freezer for the garden vegetables. I've spent more than you £35 at the start of the month which included milk for the month. I've spent an additional £5.96 on nectarines, bread, pickling vinegar , gravy granules and other bits.