Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Could do better

I feel rather ashamed of myself.  I thought about the contents of the fridge and decided to eat the rest of a carton of quark with some pasta and mushrooms but when I get to the fridge the quark had decided to grow its own fungi.  Instead I had goats cheese with the pasta which was delicious but the quark was wasted.   Not good.

For supper I planned on eating of sandwiches left over from Auntie Hettie’s party and carefully wrapped and frozen but these were well past their best so they will all go.  In my defence I did try not to waste the leftovers but there were just too many so they didn’t get eaten and the remainder will go in the bin.  They’d been in the freezer for nearly three months which is too long and I should have had more sense.

So I haven’t spent anything since I started this eat-down but that’s the only claim I can make.  Tomorrow that too will change as it is market day and I want fresh salad.


  1. My Friday fridge clean was shameful. No exaggeration but I bet I threw $20+ away in spoiled food. I cannot go longer than two weeks without cleaning or this happens-stuff keeps getting pushed back and under. Best wishes on your challenge-waste is just that-so wasteful!

  2. No matter how hard I try I still waste too much food -- it seems like it goes bad way too quickly. I guess I need to buy less at a time and go shopping more often but sometimes that doesn't work out well. Trying to figure out what I am having this evening and nothing I have sounds remotely appetizing.

  3. I have to confess I cleaned the fridge yesterday and threw out a lot. Oh, it was so sad. Why is it so difficult to eat food before it's gone bad? I did manage to use and old-ish orange to make yummy mini orange banana muffins. Little Abe and I have been enjoying them immensely but I think I threw out four containers of leftovers and 2 very sad moldy veggies :(