Thursday, 6 November 2014

Back on the wagon

Let’s face it, last month I was rubbish and demonstrated that the thing that I do best is choose a user name – Frugally Challenged! 

However, I did keep to minimal food spending for six weeks.  To put that in context I spent £242.38 on groceries in July, £222.81 in August, £19.29 in September and £94.72 in October.

But just spending less was only part of the equation.  What else did I learn?

I think that the main lesson was about how I am coerced (not to say conned) into more food shopping than I need.  Despite living on my food cupboard for six weeks I still have huge quantities of food to hand.  I see a special offer and stock up, or I see yellow stickers and think I mustn’t miss a bargain.  I thought I was too canny to be duped.  I’m not.

I’ve also learnt just how much I enjoy my lovely home cooked food.  The odd convenience meal will always be on my shopping list because sometimes it just isn’t worth cooking for one and some things don’t home freeze well, but for the most part I enjoy my home made casseroles and soups best.  If anything I should have MORE of those in the freezer.

And I think the other main lesson is the need to be better organised.  Things get shoved in cupboards and freezers and are not seen again until they are too old to be appetising.  I’m still in the reorganising phase and hope that it will help me to spend less.

So although I failed to keep up for longer than six weeks I feel the exercise was no failure.  I’m still frugally challenged and probably will always be so but the only real failure would be to stop trying.


  1. But imagine the results at end of month if you weren't trying? Have the battle is being aware where bad habits lie, whether spending, eating, drinking. Good luck and keep plugging away. http:/

  2. I am still digging away at my food "mountain" all I am buying are perishables, I hope to have it under control by the end of the month. I have learned a lesson from this I just hope that I do not forget it.

  3. Small progress is better than none at all! Agree with Sam's comment.

  4. No failure in a lesson learned! And, when trying to be frugal, you really have to examine where you want your money to go and avoid impulse purchases. Here in the States we have big box stores like Sam's and Costco where you can buy huge quantities of food in bulk. I have been dragged into that mindset so many times I am ashamed to admit. However, after having to throw out large amounts of outdated food, I have learned that buying in huge quantities for two people is just not workable. Now I shop differently. I still spend too much money in my opinion but I am working on less waste. That is the part that bothers me. So, that is my goal and I think I am improving.