Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Super soups

I’m back to food preparation for this staycation now and I am turning my attention to soups.

Soups are so good for a quick meal, a light lunch if one is going out in the evening, or a warming snack when coming off a wintry nature reserve.  They’re cheap, easy to make a freeze well.  What’s not to love?

Yesterday I made a delicious mushroom soup and started a mixed vegetable soup in the slow cooker.  I just need to blend it and add stock now.  I know that the mushroom was delicious as I had a bowlful for supper last night and doubtless I shall test the vegetable one today.  I’m also about to cook some tomatoes for tomato and cheese soup, a particular favourite of mine.  There’s also some celery left from making the mixed veg but I haven’t yet decided whether it will be soup or the basis of a cheese and celery supper tonight.

I’m quite enjoying blogging about these preparations.  It will be so useful to look back and see what went well and what needed better thinking through.  


  1. It is equally good to read, I often pick up ideas for meals from others. Have you seen the biscuits on Simple Living blog, oh yum.

  2. I absolutely love soup! In the fall/winter eat it on a regular basis. My husband only associates it with being sick as a child! How awful is that. I am thinking of a pot of chicken and rice soup tomorrow -- our weather certainly is calling for it.