Friday, 7 November 2014

Good enough is good enough

Leaving aside the vexed question of food shopping for a while I was having a play on Google last night and I checked out frugal cleaning.  I loathe housework and I’m not very good at it.  As far as I am concerned good enough is good enough.

Anyway, I usually use whatever basic multi purpose cleaner is on offer at whatever store I am at and I find that Asda sells its Smartprice stuff at 25p a litre.  Now I’m stingy and I use exactly one capful of product in a bucket of water and so I checked how much I use.  28ml.  Call it 30ml. 

Frugality sites suggest cleaning with vinegar, so I checked out white vinegar.  Asda have it at 77.5p per litre.    There’s nowhere that I know of which is local to me selling it cheaper.  That is a considerable price difference and the various websites also suggest half a cupful in a gallon of water – a lot bigger dose than I use of multi purpose cleaner.  I accept that vinegar may be cheaper than sloshing premium products around but I’m happy with the cheapo stuff.

But as I said, good enough is good enough.


  1. I make a bleach spray for the bathroom and kitchen using cheap thin bleach in water, a drop or two of washing up liquid and a quick shake to mix it up. I put it into spray containers meant for the garden from the pound shop. It cleans everything well and leaves a faint bleachy clean smell. I use it on every surface in the bathroom and kitchen including the windows,. I have a stack of cleaning cloths that were tea towels and pillowcases etc in a former life. Dirt cheap to be squeaky clean.

    1. I like bleach too but I have been known to get bleach where no bleach should be! Not so frugal!

    2. My mother used bleach -- a LOT! I just can't ..... but then I don't like things that make my house smell too flowery or fruity either -- some of the cleaners are just overwhelming.

  2. I have been on a quest for a while now to get chemicals out of our house so I have been doing some DIY cleaning products. Lately I have been using a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide in my ready mop. However, a lot of times I will just use water. I would rather have it "clean enough" for the little that come round here than full of chemicals for her to pick up on her feet and clothes. I've never much seen any sense in trying to sterilize the floors!