Saturday, 22 November 2014


So, the staycation is over (bar the laundry etc) and life returns to normal.  What went well and what went not-so-well.

 First, nothing went badly. 

We should both have had aching tongues because we talked so much.  Thirty years ago we shared a house and we could talk then and we’ve both developed our skills in that direction since.  It was really good that Amy brought her embroidery and my knitting was to hand.

We went out a lot.  Donna Nook was definitely a highlight – see my other blog  We took our soup and a few crisps and had about an hour and a half there.  It’s too cold to linger very long!  We were both very tired when we got back and a snooze was very welcome but we went out for an unplanned (not very expensive) meal out which had not been planned. 

Wednesday we went mooching around the locality.  We had a very nice meal out on Wednesday evening.  My Father would have been 100 on Wednesday and I had planned dinner out as that is how we celebrated birthdays and as Amy also knew him it was a good way to honour him. 

Thursday we went to Lincoln.  Amy wanted to visit Lincoln Castle but I hadn’t realised that it is having a very major refurbishment ready to celebrate the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.  (Lincoln has its original still.)  Although most of the castle is closed what is open is free to visit.  We then went into the Cathedral and took advantage of our “wrinkly” status for a reduced price admission.  As I gift aided we also received a couple of free passes to go back at a later date so it was pretty good value for money.  Thursday evening we went to a craft class and each came home with three cards having spent a lovely chatty evening.

Altogether a very successful week which was fairly successful on the frugality front too apart from that extra meal out.  On the other hand I've got two meals in the freezer ready for other lazy days!

Today I’m having a very quiet day and I’ll tackle the laundry and other stuff on Monday.


  1. I love reading about friends reconnecting, and wish I was more organized, and ready to have friends visit, and "staycation" with them. Your planning before hand is a good tutorial for others thinking of having guests. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Friendships like yours and Amy's are really special. I have a friend like Amy... and even though she has lived abroad for most of the last 20 years I still describe her as my 'closest' friend. We can talk and talk and never run out of things to say. Jx

  3. Good to know that you have friends like that...what I found is that as we grow older, friends become fewer (time, family commitment, etc), this is getting more real now as I'm getting older by the year.