Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Things to do

Having a staycation means thinking of things to do.

One of our main trips out will be to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust Reserve at Donna Nook.  Last year over 1500 seals were born there in November and December and there is an excellent viewing area. On Saturday the warden reported sightings of 218 pups.   I’m a member of the trust but anyone can go and visit FREE but of course donations are welcome.  I can’t remember if there’s a parking charge but it’s a well-run place and I’m happy to part with some cash.

We’ll probably spend a day on Lincoln which will not be cheap.  There is a charge for visiting the cathedral which I don’t mind.  Somebody has to pay to maintain the place and having been responsible for supervising the upkeep of five mediaeval churches for fifteen years I can promise you that those who just have to maintain a modern home would be staggered at the cost of maintaining a church.  We'll go to the castle and just enjoy that lovely city.

I’ve also sorted out a few games – cards, bananagrams, triominoes etc.  We may go out for the odd evening but I like to have things to do at home to hand.  Amy will bring some sewing as well.

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