Sunday, 19 October 2014

'Fessing up

I know it’s ages since I was here.  I have a terrible confession to make.   I have failed spectacularly to keep to my £50 budget.

It was the Farmers’ Market that did it.  I went on Friday and blew more than the whole budget on beautiful pork and lamb and even a bit of mutton.   My favourite pork farm sells mostly through these markets and they happen only monthly.  Mutton is so hard to find these days and having hung myself for the sheep I decided I might as well go for the lamb.

However, I have now managed to defrost the freezer and have eaten the oldest food which was in there.  I’ve run down the tinned goods cupboard considerably and an inventory of freezer and cupboards seems imminent. 

There, I've ‘fessed up.  I think I chose my name of Frugally Challenged very well.


  1. So if we are going to confess, I spent close to $30.00 purchasing ingredients for a beef and broccoli, and Asian salad to bring to a birthday lunch, as much as take out would have cost I could have bought top off groceries for my whole family for a week. This Saturday night purchase followed my Friday stop at Trader Joe's, my kryptonite for staying on a food budget. $68 dollars later and we had one meal of orange chicken, some vegetarian options for my daughter, and a hole lot of odds and ends, none of which would make an actual meal, unless you call grazing on olives, humus, spinach artichoke dip, and crunchy granola a meal.

  2. I think spending on food can be much more justifiable than going to the NEC tomorrow and getting carried away when you see all those wonderful glitzy pastes and glitters! Hope you enjoyed your purchases. Mx

  3. Ooh, Mandy, I'm jealous. But no doubt you will bring back loads of ideas so maybe the envy won't have to last too long!