Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Things that lurk in freezers

I’m sorry I haven’t written for such a long time but I’m finding that being unable to upload photographs is very frustrating when my main emphasis for the month is on crafty making things.  Hat and bag production is high and I’m hoping that all will be revealed before the weekend.

However, here’s a report on the food front.  I am trying to find items which I would sling out if they were left hanging around for much longer.  On a day to day basis I’m fairly good at keeping my food waste very low but some things get left.  As my freezer stocks get lower I am finding things which I had forgotten about.  Yesterday I found a brace of pheasants which I was given at the end of last year.  I’m a bit squeamish about them and don’t like to dress and eat them on the same day (or even consecutive days) so I had dressed them and put them in the freezer to share with a friend, but for various reasons that delicious shared lunch never happened.  One is now defrosting and will be cooked tomorrow.  I also found a pack of two duck breasts which had been RFQS, frozen and left to languish.  If these items had been left in the freezer much longer I would not have eaten them.

Also each autumn I buy some UHT milk in case I get snowed in.  I use very little milk myself except for sauce making and similar and there were two litres from last year still in the cupboard so yesterday I made a huge rice pudding and froze it in single portions. 

Food expenditure this month has been kept down to 6 packs of butter £5.74 and two bottles of coke £3, so I have £49.97 left.


  1. Hi! I am Melissa. I am your partner in Elizabeth's pen pal swap. Funny you should mention freezers -- last week I purged mine of almost everything! I refuse to buy more until what I have is gone. I always thought stockpiling was the way to go -- now I realize it isn't, at least for me! Anyway, thought I would drop by for a visit to let you know that I have your name and address and will be sending you a letter soon.

  2. Hi Melissa - REAL letter on its way!