Thursday, 1 February 2018

Fun Filled Frugal Flinging February

I do like a bit of alliteration!

But it is February.

I need to be careful with the cash.

And the house needs to lose weight.

And I want to have fun.

So that's the agenda for the month.  

My first frugal challenge is to try and avoid flinging my vacuum cleaner.  This is one of the areas where I miss Jack, my gardener, handyman and friend who is currently waiting for a knee replacement.  I have a twenty year old Dyson DC01.  The DC01 was the original upright vacuum cleaner which Dyson made, and mine has been a real workhorse.  It's had to have its wheels replaced as I once had a wonderful cleaning lady who was very rough with vacuum cleaners and Dyson suffered.  It occasionally gets blocked because I expect too much of it.   However, Jack has always ticked me off and then sorted the problems.  It's now no longer cleaning, just re-arranging the dirt.

Now it's down to me.  I've found Youtube videos and I've found instructions on line.

I may be some time.  But I may save some money.


  1. Great poem to start February!

  2. I am very interested to hear more about the February Flinging! I am sort of doing a bit of that myself as we are still moving. I imagine that as things progress I will do more flinging than moving! Good luck, keep us posted!

  3. We loved our first Dyson, it worked well until we moved, our home became a building site, just too much for it.

  4. I had a problem with my Dyson and YouTube was brilliant. A Dyson is designed to be taken down to a skeleton. Rumour has it Mr Dyson insists all his staff can take them apart and out them back together.

  5. I take my Dyson completely apart once every six months and clean it right out. Over Xmas I used my son's who did not know it had a filter let alone clean it in 6 years!!

    1. I do change filters regularly! I now know I am not the world's worst!