Saturday, 6 January 2018

Railway journeys

I've chosen a new-to-me car but it's at Atherton, the opposite side of the country to where I live so I need to book a railway ticket so I can go and collect it.  This is always one of those projects which takes time.

My nearest station is Market Rasen, Lincolnshire so I searched for Market Rasen to Atherton, which is near Manchester.  I use a Senior Railcard which gives me 30% off on all fares and £28.50 came up as the cheapest.

However, I noticed that I would have to change at Barnetby, a station again not far from me so I search again, this time for a journey from Barnetby to Atherton.  This came up as £30.95.  How can that be?

I then decide to see if it would be cheaper to split my ticket.  The price is now £15.25.  Same train.  Same journey.  (I've decided to travel from Barnetby because I can get a lift there.)

Splitting my ticket does not mean splitting my journey.  It is the same train and I  do not have to get off the train, providing the train actually stops at the place where my ticket splits.

The site I used to find my tickets is  Don't forget that I also used my Senior Railcard which, of course, I bought with Tesco vouchers.


  1. Rail charges are a minefield, well done you on getting the best price.

  2. Well done for such perseverance with the ticket. I have never used trainsplit, I shall check them out next time I am ticket buying! Hope the new car works out well!

  3. Good for you getting a deal like that.

  4. You did a great job in finding that deal!

  5. Hope the new car works out well

  6. The Money saving Expert website's "Tickety Split" site also works well for finding good splits!

  7. I'm in awe of you travelling across the country in order to drive back in a new-to-you car and flabbergasted at the stupid pricing of rail travel. Please say you'll have breakdown cover in place for when you go.
    Are you able to use your trundle truck on this journey or manage the walking between station and ultimate destination? And - being nosey - what car did you find?

  8. I have little choice but to travel across the country to fetch the car. Yes, I have breakdown cover but at the moment I am having a row with the RAC about another matter so I hope I don't need to use it.

    I can't take the trundle truck on a train which annoys me greatly but the garage will arrange for me to be met at the other end. They are specialist suppliers of wheelchair accessible vehicles so they are used to disabled people and our needs.
    I've bought , , - well that's a secret until my next post! (which will be on my other blog).

  9. having been born not that far from Atherton, and still have lots of family living in that area, I am so glad that the train fares here in Victoria, (Australia) are a set price per section. It makes it so much easier to plan any trip. Motorised wheel chairs are also allowed on the trains, and some of the trams.

    1. That used to be the system here but since we had a little more competition it's been worthwhile spending time. The advantage if the set price system is that you know you've got the best price because it's the only price but I'm prepared to put time and effort into searching.

      Motorised wheelchairs are not allowed here as are very small mobility scooters which come to bits. In theory mine will come to its but I have very little faith in my ability to re-assemble it.

  10. Hi Meg. Motorised wheelchairs are allowed on trains here but I use a mobility scooter. Very small scooters are allowed but mine is medium sized.

  11. It's great that you've managed to get the price down by so much, but how ridiculous is that? It just goes to show that the pricing is far too complicated, you'd think there'd be one price from A to B but how wrong you'd be. Enjoy your new car, Mick's getting a new car today too.