Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Dream a little dream

Readers of my main blog will know that February was not a good month here at Frugal Follies.  I had the worst cold that I can ever remember having and it has left me feeling very weary.  I just don't bounce back as well as I used to!

Most of the month has been spent either in bed or my arm chair.  The new feeding station for the birds has been a great boon as I can see it through my sitting room window.  I keep it very well supplied with various seeds and mealworms and, although it's not the busiest bird table I've ever had, the starlings have entertained my with their squabbles and I've enjoyed watching the blue tits working out how to get what they want.

But that is outside my window.  Inside. the house needs a lot of attention and even more I need to give myself a little bit of TLC.  And so I have been dreaming a little dream of actually getting my life back.  It really feels that way - all I have been able to think about is how ill I feel!

So March is going to be a one-thing-a-day sort of a month.  "Trundling through life", my main blog, is going to be about looking after myself and seeking joy but here life will be a little more purposeful.  I'm not promising anything big, just one thing every day.  Maybe write a letter, or tidy a drawer, or visit someone who rarely gets a visit.  They may not be the most exciting posts I ever make but they could be the key to my well-being. 


  1. I have been so ill this winter==flu, pneumonia, and two UTIs, so the place is a wreck. Piddling is very rewarding since anything I do looks like a major accomplishment.

  2. I think your blog will be inspiring! I know what you mean about not bouncing back as quickly -- we got the flu before Christmas and I am still dragging around. Take care of yourself and get better!

  3. I'll be taking a look at you other blog, I never realised you had one. I hope you feel better soon, I think it does take longer to get over things as we get older for sure. Do you have days where you are completely exhausted? Like so many others I had the flu, hubby went into hospital and everything was so strenuous and knocked me for six and still does on the odd day.

  4. I had the same sort of February - absolutely knocked off my feet by this cold/flu! I finally started feeling better last week but rather overdid it trying to catch up with everything and have thrown out my back a bit. So my only advice is as Eizabethd said - "baby steps". I think one or two things a day is very sensible and I am going to try to adhere to that as well. I figure, it will all get done eventually and since like you I live along, it doesn't matter all that much if it's today or tomorrow. Take care of yourself.

  5. I set myself one housework target each day, something simple, vacuum a room, clean windows, etc.. I also try to find one nice thing to look at - a flower, a bird, a cloud in the sky. I try to do something creative each week too - that is a real lift!