Monday, 5 February 2018

Proud? Ashamed? Which?

I tackled the Dyson!  I feel proud about that.  It wasn't easy.  (Can you tell that I'm talking myself up?)

When I got it up on the table there were three screws which needed removing in order to get the soleplate off.  Two came out easily.  One didn't.  

Feeling resourceful I looked on line and found that the technical name for my problem is "a screw with a stripped head".  If nothing else this experience has expanded my vocabulary.  Sole plate.  Screw with stripped head.  

The recommended method for removing said screws is to get a large rubber band and lay it over the screw in the hope that the rubber will fill the gaps and allow extraction.

So I way-laid the postie.  Fortunately I feed him ice lollies in the summer so we get on very well.  He gave me a band and one extra for luck.  

Even my lucky band didn't work.  The screw remained firmly in place.  I was feeling like a helpless woman, a feeling which I deeply resent.

I also worked out how to use my new camera!
But then I had an idea and raided my crafting stuff for some long nose pliers.  Using those I managed to grip the screw and turn it.  Off came the soleplate and from then on it was a doddle to clear the blockage.  I've ordered new screws which will be delivered tomorrow.  I hope I still feel proud when I can finally use The Thing.

Because I also feel ashamed at how much I managed to get out of my blocked machine.


  1. Congratulations on tackling your Dyson. I hope you've solved the problem and it springs into life when you start up. You have nothing to feel ashamed about.

  2. Well, done! I love resourceful ladies! I happen to be one myself. I hate asking my husband to tackle things for me and love taking care of things myself. I am proud of you Mary and as far as what came out of the machine -- what happens at Mary's stays at Mary's! Mine would look the same!

  3. I received a free vacuum from freecycle. the woman had bought a new vacuum because the one she was giving me did not work well. It ran but sucked little. I took it apart and took a mountain of junk from inside the vacuum cleaner. I worked like a new one after that.

  4. Well done, I love the sense of satisfaction from fixing things.

  5. Our Dyson (one of those you stick on the wall) has died so we went back to our old Henry because Head of House said that one would be fine. I still miss our little Dyson though