Saturday, 3 February 2018

Fulfilling Dreams

I had to take early retirement (on the grounds of ill health) when I was fifty eight and I wasn't a happy bunny.  My early retirement income was inadequate and I didn't like not earning my living.  Things had to change.

It's now eight years since I retired and other pensions have now kicked in so I have an adequate pension income and, strictly speaking, no longer need to earn.  However, for me, that is only half the story.  I like the feeling of earning, I still have dreams to fulfil and over the years I've found ways to supplement my income.

I've written about two of those ways here - surveys and comping (entering competitions).  Surveys are very tedious to be honest, but I spend quite a lot of time on my own and with my feet up, so I've got time to do them.  The hourly rate is very poor.  I'm quite quick at doing them but I am screened out of the vast majority which I start and I reckon I get about £2 an hour overall.  Still, it's £2 which I wouldn't otherwise have.

Comping is very hard to quantify as, of course, it's largely down to luck.  As far as earning an income is concerned it's not really a good idea.  However, the prizes I win give me a bit of fun, they replenish the birthday present drawer and sometimes I am able to sell prizes on E Bay.

My biggest source of non pension income is when I fill in when no regular clergy are available.  The pay rate isn't huge but no-one ever went into Christian ministry for the money, I hope!  I get a huge buzz from doing the work and the fees pay for treats.

My earning potential isn't huge but it means that I can continue to fulfil a few dreams even in retirement.


  1. I'm pleased things are better for you now. I know you've been quite lucky with your company prizes as you've written about them. It must have a lovely surprise element to it. Your clergy 'filling in' work is great, it gives you the opportunity to get out and about as well as earn a few bob.

  2. I love to enter contests. I have won a few but certainly nothing compared to the number I entered. Hahaha. I find it pretty hard to find good contests these days. The newsletters I subscribed to are not the same as the once were or maybe other people's taste for prizes has changed and I'm too old fashioned. I have done a little bit of surveys but they are soooo boring and as you say, you get eliminated from many. I can't seem to give up on the need to work. Mentally and physically I am not the go-getter I once was but somehow I have a little part of my self-worth linked to earning. Like you say, $2 is $2 more than we had before so we'll just keep limping along doing the best we can to add to the budget and entertain ourselves.