Saturday, 27 February 2016

Making a start

Saturday is normally a very quiet, rather lazy day in this house but I actually made a start on sorting stuff yesterday so I have got twenty items ready to leave the premises.  I knew if I didn’t get started yesterday I wouldn’t get started at all!

I had a quick look through some of my books.  There seem to be quite a lot of bloggers who have worked in libraries and I’m one of them.  Including my years at Library School I worked eleven years in various libraries both here in the UK and in Nigeria when I was doing Voluntary Service Overseas.  I take a real joy in handling books but what I like is not the physical ownership of a lot of tomes but the wonderful stuff which is in them.  I have had my years when possession of books was very important to me, but these days I am happy to use my Kindle, and even more important I am happy to use the public libraries.

I never thought that the day would come when public libraries would be a service under threat but that day is already here.  The library here in Caistor is run by volunteers who do such a good job that it is now open seven days a week.  I have taken a very deliberate decision that I do not need to own books in order to own knowledge or the pleasure of reading.  Libraries need my support so I shan’t be acquiring to make up the stuff I have sorted for the charity shop.

Apart from seventeen books I’ve sorted a storage jar, a foot scrubber and some make-up sponges.  I hope Sally Ann enjoys them


  1. I love my books and I really hate to part with them but part with them I do! I really like using the library and we can check out books from the library on our e-readers. That is how I am going to read the next Agatha Raisin episode. I try to donate to a library who appreciates getting them and if I don't take them there I sell them at a neighborhood used book shop.

  2. I think it must be Spring, as so many of us are sorting out cupboards and shelves. I have a bag ready for the house to house Heart Foundation collection.