Monday, 8 February 2016

Frugally challenged ? - not!

I keep an eye on my finances day to day but I have to admit I don't always count the change in my purse and record all my purchases, reconciling the two every day.  However, every so often I do just that.  Every penny leaving my purse has to be accounted for and recorded, usually over a period of about a month.

I've been doing that since the beginning of the year.  Sometimes I find I have a little more money than I should have, sometimes a little less but I keep a money box and use that as a float so I can balance things if necessary.  I emptied my float on 1st January but had been aware that I was putting the odd penny in since.  

Today I decided to check the box and this is what I found.  

To save you the trouble of counting I will tell you there is £7.77.  How did that happen?

I am a financial genius!


  1. I love checking my purse and pockets and finding change! I do this really peculiar thing in that I have several jars and a cocoa can in my closet and I sort the change according to denomination. The other day I couldn't remember what was in the can and by golly, it was full of quarters! I was thrilled!

  2. That's brilliant, its true all the little bits gradually add up.

  3. I have a pretty tin on my shelf and keep throwing in 20p and 50p when I can spare them, I'm saving them for a treat of Afternoon Tea at the Blitz Cafe in Hebdon Bridge, we will wait until the better weather and give them chance to dry out after the floods before we visit. x

  4. I think I would be a bit scared to write down my purchases; oh gosh, shall I try it? I do put loose change in a Bertie Bassett container (my husband ate the sweets inside years ago) We shop at Sainsburys and my husband always uses his Nectar card, but I remembered I had one too although I can't remember when it was last used. He checked it at the till yesterday and it had £25 on it (goodness, how much must I have spent?)

  5. Our loose change pot is a Royal Doulton bowl, posh what? But it's just the right size and shape and we have change there to pay the egg man when he calls once a fortnight, or the bin-wash men, who come once a month and wash out our residual waste bin and our recycling bins. And I seldom go out without rifling through for some 20p pieces as a public loo in our vicinity (which we sometimes need) is only opened with a 20p piece. That sheds a whole new light on "spending a penny" does it not? But worth it when desperate!
    Margaret P

    1. Coo, 20p is forty eight "d" (old pennies). That's inflation if ever there was!