Friday, 29 January 2016

Oh! Wow!

I'm not a great one for watching cookery programmes.  Sentences including the words "paint" and "dry" seem to sum up my feelings.

However, I did enjoy watching "Eat well for less" and this morning when I was doing some batch cooking I decided to make the vegetable crisps which were demonstrated.
Fortunately I photographed them because they are no more.  Oh!  Wow!  A tasty snack, low fat, and very economical.  

My carrot crisps about an hour ago
I had the food processor out for other jobs so I sliced a carrot very thinly in the processor.  I then spread some tin foil on a baking sheet, sprayed it with oil and arranged a single layer of carrot slices.  I put them in the fan oven at 150C until they were crisp which was about 25 minutes.  (I think 150 Celsius is about 300 Fahrenheit.)  I then sprinkled them with savoury yeast flakes but I reckon salt and black pepper would be good as well.  I just prefer to minimise my salt intake.

Next time the oven is on I may experiment with parsnips, sweet potato or courgette.  Hard life I've got.


  1. They sound and look delicious. I would be like you a coff the lot and the healthy snack would be no more!

  2. Thanks for that, it's worth a try.

  3. These look amazing I love the packs of Vegetable crisps but they are so expensive, I should give this a try. Thank you for sharing x